The main difference between criticism and review is simple:

The purpose of a critical analysis is to show HOW a book is read.  In a critical analysis the author of the essay discusses how the book functions (like vocabulary, character development, relationship to current events, etc) without telling whether or not they liked the book.

Critical analysis is what I am focusing on in school. People who study literature usually write an analysis so that they are sure that they understand the book. They can also apply theories of different types of writing to novels through analysis. This helps teachers, librarians, and other people working in education decide how they can use a book in their classrooms.

The purpose of a review is to tell a reader WHY they should or should not read it. In a review, the author of the essay tells readers what they liked and did not like about a book and why. It doesn’t matter if they have a “good” reason or not, it is simply their opinion.

When looking for a good book to read for fun, a review is what you would read. Books can get many different reviews, some good, some bad. But if you like the same kind of books the reviewer does, then you can trust their opinion.

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