Review: The Alchemyst

Title:  The Alchemyst

Author:  Michael Scott

Publisher:  Random House

Cover Artist:  Michael Wagner

The Alchemyst is the first book in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicolas Flamell series. This one was also like the Harry Potter book series and the Spiderwick Chronicles book series – it was full of action and adventure. The things that I didn’t like were that there were too many things going on and that Michael Scott left some pretty big things missing in the middle of the book that you only found out in the next book. The main characters are Dr. John Dee, Nicolas Flamell, Perenelle Flamell, and Sophie and Josh Newman. The Flamells and Dr. Dee are real historical figures which makes it more thrilling and even confusing to read. I would recommend this book to ages ten and up. I would not recommend it to children ages 9 and under simply because it is too long. Against my negative comments I thought it was a really good book. I am already on the third book! Expect a review on The Magician very soon!

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2 responses to “Review: The Alchemyst

  1. How much of the book is historical? Are any of the situations based in history? Why does that make the book confusing?

    I look froward to your review on The Magician. 🙂

    • Fred Reads

      None of the plot is historical, but most of the characters are. The characters do not do any thing in the books that they did in real life, nor are any of them immortal :). The confusing part about it is that you have modern teens talking to people that became “immortal” like seven hundred years ago. It’s just not natural. But I see what the author is getting at, if you think about it, it’s not much different from the Percy Jackons. “Wich by the way are a really good grab. You should read ’em.” Expect my review on The Magician today. 🙂

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