Compare and Contrast: Japan – the People & Japan – the Land

Titles:  Japan – the People ;  Japan – the Land

Author:  Bobbie Kalman

 Publisher:  Crabtree

Japan – the Land and Japan – the People were both written by the same author. They both talk about how Japan is both a modern and traditional country. I learned a fair amount of things from each book. For example, I learned that sumo wrestling was originally intended as a religious ceremony to entertain the Shinto gods but now it is Japan’s national sport. I also learned that the Japanese learned about electricity from the U.S.  The books are both divided up into sections that talk about similar yet different things. In Japan – the Land for example, they talk about the geography and weather of Japan while in the other book they talk about the average day and cooking of a Japanese person. My over all critical result of these books is a thumbs–in–the-middle-result. While I learned a fair amount of things, they were not very entertaining. This is my first compare – and – contrast review.

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3 responses to “Compare and Contrast: Japan – the People & Japan – the Land

  1. A comparison is a great idea for a review! I especially liked that you addressed the style of the books, that they use a similar layout of dividing into “sections” but were unique in that the sections related to the topic at hand. How did these two books compare to Japan- The Culture, which you reviewed in a previous post?

    • Fred Reads

      I think that they were better because they were much more developed. They talked about things that are essential to know about Japan but they also talk about little things like the tea ceramony and Japanese comics. Japan- The Culture only talked about big things like sumo- wrestling and even left some really important stuff out.

  2. I really like what you are saying, and am glad I found your website. Please keep it up.

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