Review: Japan

Title: Japan

Author and illustrator:  Richard Tames

 Publisher:  Franklin Watts

Japan was the fourth non – fiction book that I have read for this blog so far. Three things that could be improved are the illustrations, the simplicity, and the fact that everything that involves glue is parental guidance suggested. The hand drawn illustrations have weird hairdos and very strange faces. Three things that I think were good were the craft ideas, the radish flower recipe, and the martial arts. There is an instruction that tells you how to make a Japanese garden out of sticks, rocks, a metal pan, and a small mirror. Over all I think that this book was ok, but I prefer books that tell a story instead of books that talk about different things. I would recommend this book to children ages six to eight.

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2 responses to “Review: Japan

  1. Nice Fred!

    Try to be specific about why you liked or did not like the things you mention in the book. What made the “weird hairdos and very strange faces” strange and weird? Were they not realistic looking, or not relevant to what the author wrote on the page? Would this book had been better with photographs rather than drawn illustrations? Why or why not?

    You mentioned that you “prefer books that tell a story instead of books that talk about different things.” Take that one step further. Do you mean that this book was too “encyclopedic” for your liking? Would have been better if there were interviews with people living in Japan, or maybe told stories about Japanese Gardens instead of just giving the facts? Why or why not?

    Being specific about WHY you like or do not like things makes a good review into a great review.

    I really enjoy that you are reviewing books that you are using for school. It is important to scrutinize books that we USE as well as books we read for fun. Keep it up!

  2. Fred Reads

    I thought that the faces and hairdos were really over exaggerated and I would have preferred photographs. I also prefer books with a well executed plot because it is more fun to read. This book was divided into sections.

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