Compare and Contrast: Day of the Dragon King and Night of the Ninjas

Titles:  Day of the Dragon King and Night of the Ninjas

 Author:  Mary Pope Osborne 

Illustrator:  Sal Murdocca

Publisher: Random House


 These books were part of a series called The Magic Tree House. My favorite one is Night of the Ninjas  because it talks about ninjas and it takes place in Japanwhich is the country that I am studying for social studies this month. They both were very good but I wish they were longer. It took me about forty – five minutes to read them both. They are both sixty – eight pages long. Day of the Dragon King took place in China which was the country that I studied last month. Both books took place in ancient times. They are about two modern day kids that have a tree house that has a library inside. To do there missions (which are given by an ancient sorceress named Morgan) they have to find an opened book, point to a picture inside it, and say I wish we could go there! Then they are sent back to the time the book takes place. There mission is usually to get a book for Morgan’s library or a special object or series of objects for a spell. There are about forty – two books in the series right now and I am sure that Mrs. Osborn is working on another one right now. In total, I have either read or listened to about six of The Magic Tree House books. I read the others in second grade. When you read the books it really does feel like you are being sent back in time! Soon, very soon, I will go to the library again and pick out six other Magic Tree House books.

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