Title:  Michelangelo

Author and illustrator:  Diane Stanley

Publisher:  Harper Collins

This was probably the best non – fiction book that I have posted about so far. One of the things that I learned was that Michelangelo painted the ceiling of Sistine Chapel using a technique called fresco, which involves wet plaster and is very difficult. I also learned that he was a great sculptor, that he designed the second version of St. Peter’s Cathedral, and that he was rivals with Leonardo da Vinci. He is considered the greatest artist of all time by many people across the globe. Before he died, Michelangelo started a new sculpture. Nobody knows what he wanted it to look like because he never got to finish. Michelangelo made his first sculpture in Florence, Italy when he was only twenty five years old. The type of sculpture that he made was a Pieta, or pity. It was a sculpture of Mary holding the dead Christ in her arms. When he was older, Pope Julius told him to make a tomb that would hold his body though the ages. Michelangelo made plans to make it thirty six feet tall and entirely out of marble with many sculptures around it. He did manage to make the tomb, but he only made three sculptures:  two of slaves and one of Moses. Some people believe that Michelangelo’s greatest sculpture was that of David from the Christian bible, ready to fight Goliath. He made the seventeen foot sculpture in Florence, out of a huge block in a courtyard named giant. After his friends death, when he was seventeen years old he went to a hospital and started dissecting dead bodies. There he studied human anatomy and learned how to make a sculpture look like life. When he was eighty nine years old he sat down next to the fire and died. I really liked this book. I think the author did a very good job of explaining Michelangelo’s detailed life in a simple way without making it boring. Next I will read about Leonardo da Vinci.

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One response to “Michelangelo

  1. You said: “This was probably the best non – fiction book that I have posted about so far.” WHY? The why is what makes it a book review.

    You did say quite a bit about what you learned from the book. Is that part of what makes a book “good”? Is it the ONLY thing that makes a non-fiction book good? What about the way it is written / produced helped you learn?

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