Review: Crane

Title:  Crane

 Author:  Jeff Stone

Publisher:  Yearling

Crane is the fourth book in a series called The Five Ancestors. It is about a girl named Hok who is a Cangzhen Monk and is drugged, wounded, near death, and is now an enemy of the state because she has been accused of taking part in the destruction of the Shaolin Temple. “Hok” means “crane” in Cantonese and she is indeed a master of crane style kung fu. She meets her long lost mother named Bing, or “Ice” in Cantonese. Some of her strongest friends in the book are Seh – a snake stylist, PawPaw – a healer, Fu – a   tiger stylist, and Charles – a Dutch boy who is helping Bing with household chores. Their main priority is to rescue Malao – a monkey stylist and Hok, Fu, and Seh’s brother from Cangzhen. Along the way they face intimidating obstacles and tough decisions. At one point Fu is abducted as well as Malao. There search leads them to the Jinan Fight Club. There they battle some of the most dangerous kung fu artists in all of China. They do rescue Malao and Fu, but not without a price. Before the battle, Malao was drugged with an extremely powerful drug called Dream Dust and during the battle his shoulder is shot with a “qiang” or gun.

My favorite character in the book is Seh because his personality is like mine and that he is a snake in the Chinese Zodiac like me. I wish that the author would talk more about Malao because he is one of the main priorities of his brothers and sister. The five books in the series that I know of are Tiger, Monkey, Snake, Crane, and Eagle. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

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2 responses to “Review: Crane

  1. This seems like a very interesting series! Have you read any of the other books in the series? Can you recommend this book to a specific age group?

    Remember that REVIEW doesn’t always have to include a synopsis of the book. With your next one, why don’t you try telling the reader about your favorite or least favorite part and why without telling us a complete synopsis. Also remember to include what type of person might like this book best (people who want to know facts about a certain topic, people who like fantasy or history or book with lots of dialogue, etc.)

    Great job Fred- keep it up!

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