Review and summary: Leonardo Da Vinci

   Title:  Leonardo da Vinci

   Author and illustrator:  Diane Stanley

   Publisher: Marrow Junior Books




This book talks about the life of Leonardo Da Vinci and the great works of art he created. Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 on a Saturday to a man named Ser Piero and a woman named Caterina. When he was young his father died, his mother died, and his grandfather died leaving him in the care of his uncle Francesco. He did not get an education but he was talented in drawing so he became a painter’s apprentice. He did extremely well so he decided to make painting his career. When he started he began many paintings only to leave them abandoned. Nobody knows why he did this. Later on he would become rivals with Michelangelo and start the greatest artistic feud in all of history. One day his uncle Francesco died leaving Leonardo very sad. He dissected dead birds, frogs, cows, bears, and humans. He made friends with the king of France and when he was sixty seven years old he died.      

Leonardo Da Vinci was a very good book. I learned a lot from reading it. I wish the author had told me more about how Leonardo designed his inventions. The part that I found most interesting was how Leonardo designed a kind of glider that looked liked bat wings.  I thought that this book was a lot like the book about the Michelangelo book that I also reviewed and summarized. In fact, I think they might have been written by the same author. I would recommend this to any kid that is eight through eleven and is particularly interested in art.


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One response to “Review and summary: Leonardo Da Vinci

  1. Fred! There is SO MUCH that I want to say in reply to this post!

    You should know that last week I learned all about Diane Stanley in my nonfiction class. I was able to look through a collection of her work and she is a truly phenomenal writer of biographies. She always writes on “high profile people” who had an impact on history so you should be able to read a few more of her books if you like her style. I was particularly drawn to her books on Joan of Arc and Cleopatra. (both books are titled by the name of the person) What I enjoy most about her books is that every spread (or two pages that are open at the same time) has a ton of information and a stunning illustration.

    What I find interesting in biographies is that they often follow a format- “so and so was born on ____ date in ______ city, state. Why do you think this is the first thing biographers tell you? Do you think it is an important thing to know about a person? Why do you think Stanley told you it was a Saturday that da Vinci was born on?

    I really like Leonardo da Vinci, and I think his inventions are the most interesting thing about him too. I learned at the Museum of Flight in Seattle that his flying machine was called an “Ornithopter”. I think that’s a cooler name than “airplane” or “glider”, don’t you?

    Thanks for this post, keep up the great work!

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