Christmas in Today’s Germany

Title:  Christmas in Today’s Germany

 Publisher:  World Books

 Contributed to by Jutta Birmele, Mechthilde Borries-Knopp, Rebecca Lauer, and Wolfgang Stien



 This is a book that talks about how the Germans celebrate Christmas. My favorite part was the recipes for assorted German desserts and snacks. Some of the recipes I would like to try are stollen, schokolademuscheln (chocolate shells), and schokoladenmakronen (chocolate macaroons). The reason that I picked out this book is because I am mostly German and I am learning German and I am pretty good at it so far. The pictures that held my interest the most were the ones of people wearing masks to scare away evil spirits during the twelve days of Christmas. Some of the things that I learned were that the Germans like Christmas so much that they extended it one more day and that on this day every town, neighborhood, and city make fireworks litter the sky. On this day the Germans have many ways of trying to predict the future of the coming year and making sure that they will have good luck. The Santa Clause and the evil Santa Clause of Germanyare Weihnachtsmann who delivers presents to good children and his companion, Necht Ruprecht, who punishes naughty children with a switch. One of the well known Christmas songs that is sung in Germany is O Tannenbaum which is the German version of Oh Christmas Tree. Germany is a land of many customs, traditions, and beliefs. Over this entire book did not hold my attention for very long but I did learn from it. I was not particularly interested while reading this book. I would recommend this book to kids ages ten to twelve.        


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