Review: The Warlock

Title:  The Warlock

Author:  Michael Scott

Illustrator:  Michael Wagner

Publisher:  Random House


I finally managed to get my hands on this book. It took me about a month to get it. My favorite part was actually at the very end, so I am really bummed out for three reasons. First, the book ended at the most exciting part, second, the sneak peak of the next book was only one page long, and third, the next book isn’t even out yet. In this book Tsagaglalal – she who watches, Niten, Mars, and Maretheu were added to the really long list of main characters. I think that Michael Scott is a really good author because he expresses the emotions and movements of the characters without making it boring or over the top dramatic. If it feels like you’re being sucked into the book you know that the author has had a lot of experience writing books. He knows what the balance is between to little and to much. He has given his books the perfect dose of excitement and suspense. The reason I like books more that movies is because they are more interactive meaning you can flip the pages and smell the dust if they’ve been left alone for a while. As with movies they get scratched ad are practically unrepairable. I really liked this book. I would recommend it book to kids eight and up. I can’t wait to read The Enchantress.


Posted By: Fred Reads


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