Reveiw and Summary: Who was Claude Monet?

Title:  Who Was Claude Monet?

 Author:  Ann Waldron

Illustrator:  Stephen Marchesi

 Publisher:  Penguin Books

                This book is a biography that talks about the life of Claude Monet. I chose this book because Claude Monet is my favorite French artist and I am studying France. My favorite work of art that he made is his garden. He considered it art because it was beautiful and he could decide which plants he put in just as he decided the colors of paint he put on a canvas. Claude Monet had a really bad temper. If he decided that he had made a mistake on his canvas he would throw it from his floating studio into the Seine River and his paints and brush after it. His first wife was named Camille. Their first son was named Jean. They lived for fourteen years together until Camille died. Just a year before she died they had a second son named Michael. Nine years before he married Alice Hoschede he moved into a house in Giverny. That was were he made his huge garden and had his own green house. He also had a water lily pond across the street. That was where he painted; you guessed it – his world-famous Water Lily series. He was eighty eight years old when he died. Claude Monet lived a life with lots of ups and downs.

                    I wish the author had told me more about what kind of colors that Monet liked to use for his paintings. In my opinion, this was a very well written biography. It talked about things in order of Claude Monet’s lifetime. I really liked this book.


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4 responses to “Reveiw and Summary: Who was Claude Monet?

  1. Great Fred. Why do you think that you prefer to read biographies that talk about a person’s life in order? Are there other ways to organize a biography that would still be interesting and easy to read?

  2. Fred,

    I am at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (called MFA). I am standing in front of two Claude Monet paintings. One of them is Water Lilies, painted in 1907. Though I have to say, my favourite is probably “Grand Canal, Venice”, painted in 1908.

    You just have to see these in person. 🙂

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