Review and summary: Georges Secret Key to the Universe

Title:  George’s Secret Key to the Universe

Authors:  Lucy and Stephen Hawking

Illustrator:  Garry Parsons

Publisher:  Random House

            This book was written by the world’s most famous physicist and his daughter. I think that is really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really awesome. This book is strange in the fact that it is more than one type of book. It is science fiction mixed with science fact. The main character is George. He has parents that think technology is wrecking the world. They go on protests and they don’t own a car, a computer, a telephone, or even light bulbs! Everything is lit by candle. George has a pig named Freddy that he really likes but his parents don’t like. Even though his parents try to make him an organic farmer, there is one thing that George really wants to have – a computer. One day George lost Freddy. He knew that Freddy went into the backyard next door but it’s a mini Amazon jungle over there and although he wants to go he knows he’s not allowed to. But he goes anyway and meets his new neighbors Eric, Annie, and their computer Cosmos. Little does George know just how powerful Cosmos is and what he can do.

Soon George joins the Order of Scientific Inquiry for the Good of Humanity or, the O.S.I.G.H. He learns that the computer Cosmos is the most powerful computer on earth and he can speak and have feelings. George then watched a movie called Birth and Death of a Star and learned a lot about the sun and other stars like it. A star is born in a cloud of dust and gas called a nebula. Most people have heard of a nebula before but some do not know that it is a nursery for stars. When a star is about ten thousand years old (young for a star) it will have enough energy in its core to become brighter.

When George got to school the next day he started drawing a picture of Cosmos. He could not get the picture right even though it was clear in his mind. When he was finished, his teacher, Doctor Reeper (whom they called Greeper) came over and asked George what he was doing. George hastily tried to cover it but Greeper saw it anyway and took it. George was devastated, for he had sworn to Eric that he would keep Cosmos a secret. At the end of school George stole his drawing back. After school when George was walking home Ringo and his gang of bums followed George. George ran because Ringo had done terrible things to the kids he caught on the street. When George got home Ringo and his bums were right behind him. He could not unlock the door because he had fallen down earlier and his things had fallen out of his pockets. Just as Ringo was about to squeeze George against the wall, a tiny astronaut leaped in between them and did a karate stance. The astronaut looked at the gang and threatened to put “the curse of alien life” on them. Ringo and his gang were terrified. After the astronaut did a few twirls and kicks that seemed familiar to George, the gang ran away as fast as they could.

George followed the person that had rescued him. When they got inside Eric’s house, George realized that the astronaut was Annie. He thought that the day was pretty bad. He had accidentally told Greeper about Cosmos, he had been chased home by four bullies, and he had gotten rescued by a little girl wearing a space suit. What he did not know was that his day was about to get a whole lot worse.

George asked Annie why she had a space suit and she said that she went on space adventures with her dad. George did not believe her so she made Cosmos open a portal to a comet in the solar system. They got in their space suits and jumped on. They passed two of the biggest planets in our solar system – Jupiter and Saturn. Then they entered an asteroid field which was not very helpful, if you can imagine. When they were almost back to earth, Eric appeared on the comet. He made Cosmos create another portal and soon they were back home. Eric got really mad at both of them and banned them from playing together. The only good news was that there was a science competition at his school and the first prize was a computer! George entered a rock from Saturn’s rings that he had secretly taken on the comet. On Halloween George’s dad was in a sea of people protesting to save the planet. Meanwhile, Ringo and his gang had had delivered a letter for Dr. Reeper. It was for Eric. The next day at school George was visited by Dr. Reeper at his desk. He asked George if he had seen Eric lately. George lied and said yes. At the end of school George looked in the trash can. Earlier, the principal had made him throw away the space rock. But when George looked, it was gone. George went to a meeting at Eric’s house. When the meeting was finished Eric found the note from Greeper. He made Cosmos open a portal and he got sucked into a black hole. Cosmos was computer-napped by Ringo and his gang. When George got to school he told Annie about her dad. George met her mom Susan and they rescued Eric. I would recommend this book to anyone and I do mean anyone ages eight and up. I thought that this was an excellent book.


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  1. Very energetic post, I enjoyed that bit. Will there bee a part 2?

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