Overview: Greek Mythology

Book Review: Greek Mythology

Title:  Greek Mythology

Author:  Simone Payment

Publisher:  Rosen Central

This book is about Greek mythology. What makes it different from other books I have read is that the book not only talks about the stories, but the origination of myths, the spreading of myths, the categories of myths, and several of the Greek heroes, heroines, gods, and goddesses. It is part of a series called Mythology Around the World.

Some of the characters talked about in it are of Narcissus, Prometheus, Pandora, Perseus, and Hermes the Trickster. The story of Narcissus talks about how many women fell in love with Narcissus but were all rejected. One nymph was so distraught that she faded away. The goddess Nemesis tricked Narcissus into falling in love with his own reflection and fading away as well.

My favorite story is of Prometheus. He first created man out of dirt and water. Zeus was impressed so he let Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus give animals and humans special abilities such as speed and fur.

Epimetheus was not very smart like his brother, so he immediately gave all the abilities to animals so there was none left for humans. Prometheus was not happy. He had created humans and was angry that they had not gotten any abilities. So, to make things easier for them, he stole fire from Mount Olympus.

Zeus flew into rage. He bound Prometheus to a rock on Olympus and had vultures scratch at him. The worst part (and the coolest) is that Zeus also had an eagle pick out Prometheus’ liver every day. Since he was immortal, his liver kept growing back and the eagle would come back the next day. This kept on happening for thousands of years until Heracles killed the eagle and freed Prometheus.

I wish the author would have talked more about Poseidon because he is a really interesting god in mythology. There was only one sentence about him. A short sentence, too.

This book talked about some very interesting things and I learned a lot. I would recommend this book to anyone eight and up. I thought this was a good book.


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  1. Fred, if you are interested in more Greek mythology, I can try to dig up some good titles for you. Don’t be too disappointed that the author skimmed over Posiedon, there are many versions of the same stories and many different stories from that era. Not everything can fit into one book!

    Happy reading.

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