The Golden Days of Greece

Title:  The Golden Days of Greece

 Author:  Olivia Coolidge

 Illustrator:  Enrico Arno

 Publisher:  Fitzhenry and Whiteside Limited  


          This book is a non fiction book about Ancient Greece. It talks a lot about war and is very detailed. I liked this book because it talked about lots of things without being too brief. I think that the author should have included more about Greek mythology. The reason I say this is because even though this is a non fiction book, the ancient Greeks did not consider the Olympian “gods” myths.

           They truly believed in things like Thesus defeating the Minotaur and Poseidon overthrowing Oceanus. They thought that these were real thing that happened before them. Alexander the Great even thought he had traced his family to Achilles, the greatest warrior of all time.

          The pictures in this book were not very realistic. They were all in black and white and they were not to scale. They did give you somewhat of an idea of what it was supposed to be about, but they were hard to understand without reading the page first. There were some words that were hard to pronounce correctly at first glance like Tissaphernes and Phoenician.

          I would recommend this book as a school book, but not as a leisure book. I would recommend anyone that would like to learn about ancient Greece that is 13 and up. I thought this was a good book.


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  1. Fred, thanks for your review. 🙂 How did you get around not being able to pronounce some of the names? Did the book have a guide to help you, or were you on your own to find the right way to say them?

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