Overview & Review: Foods of India

Title:  Foods of India

Author:  Barbara Sheen

Series:  A Taste of Culture

Publisher:  Thomson Gale

Type:  non-fiction

Copyright year:  2007

This book has four chapters. They are Colorful, Fragrant and Delicious on page four, Common Threads on page sixteen, Tasty Snacks on page twenty eight, and Honored Guests on page forty.

Chapter one talks about the food in general (such as where the food comes from, the Indians’ love of food, and the staple foods). One of the things that I learned from this section is that a tandoor is a barrel shaped clay oven that usually makes thing such as certain kinds of flatbread and tandoori chicken – an Indian favorite.

Chapter two talks about at home dishes such as curry and vindaloo. It also talks about how food is served and eaten. I learned that curry is in fact what the British called Kari, the Indian word for all spicy dishes.

Chapter three talks about, well, snacks. It talks about snacks made at home, fast food, and the ingredients. Some of the snacks talked about are samosas, pakodas, pav bhaji, and pakoras. There are also drinks such as lassi.

Chapter four talks about the food that is served to guests. It especially tells about weddings. This was a long section. Some of the foods talked about are rasam, jaggery, and biriyani. I learned that there are fourteen lamb dishes served between two days before the wedding.

I wish the book would have talked more about the recipes because there were no more than eight recipes in all. They do not look like the best recipes moreover. I think that the book ought to have been longer because it was only fifty three pages long and there were a lot of pictures – thirty one to be precise. Almost all of them took up most, if not all of one page. I also think that the author should have had a smaller quantity of resources because she is a professional writer and had at least forty resources.

I thought this was a decent book and I would recommend it to anyone between seven and ten.


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2 responses to “Overview & Review: Foods of India

  1. This review is much different than your last one. You still have a bit on your signature snark, with, “thirty one to be precise.” I like the tone you take in your reviews, it seems like I could be sitting in a coffee shop talking to you, rather than reading your thoughts on the blog.

    Why did you decide to include the page numbers of the chapters?

    • Fred Reads

      I guess to give a general idea on how long the chapters are and therefore give an idea on how long the book is. I try to in clude as much info as I can without making it boring I’ve gotten a lot of practice with makeing brief explanations from doing lab reports for my physics class.

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