Review and Summary: Go Big or Go Home

                         Title:  Go Big or Go Home 

Author:  Will Hobbs

Publisher:  Scholastic Inc.

Genre:  Adventure/science fiction

Cover art:  Joel Tippie

This book is about two friends named Brady and Quinn and a super-rare mars meteorite that they named Fred. The book starts off like most adventure books do – normal and relatively unexciting. But then A SCALDING HOT METEORITE COMES CRASHING THROUGH YOUR ROOF, GOES RIGHT THROUGH YOUR BED, AND COMES WITHIN INCHES OF KILLING YOU!!! No, seriously that really is what happened in the beginning of the book. Brady is sitting in his bed and then A SCALDING HOT METE- well; I suppose you got the general idea.

He calls his friend Quinn to come check it out and he arrives the next day to visit for a couple of weeks. They go on a couple of trips to cave, fish, and bike. Brady goes twice as fast in biking, his reflexes are three times as fast in fishing, and he caves like a pro in the hidden caverns they discover. He even manages to vault over a charging wild bull in order to save a four year old! These are feats he has never achieved and should not be possible.

They soon find out (with the help of an astronomical scientist) that he got his near-superpowers from Fred. They also find out that Fred had been carrying long-dormant microorganisms – the first ever confirmation that there is life in outer space. But soon they find out that Fred may also be a menace. Brady begins having bizarre weaknesses in his body. Brady comes up with the theory that he too may become dormant and fall into a paralysis. Sure enough, in a couple of days, he is not capable of moving and is mistaken for deceased when examined by doctors.

He almost gets dissected by Doctor Carver (that is his real name) but gets smuggled into the caves he and Quinn discovered by none other than Quinn and their so-called enemies – the Carver boys. They alert the meteorologist and he comes and by some phenomenon, manages to save Brady by spraying vinegar up his nose. They drown Fred in an underground waterfall and the whole thing goes back to normal.

I thought this was a very good book. It was entertaining, on edge, and electrifying. I would recommend this book to anyone ages eight to twelve. I would also like to point out that my mom gave this to me on a request and to thank her for trusting her gut and “going big” on this book.


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4 responses to “Review and Summary: Go Big or Go Home

  1. This is a great review, Fred. My favorite parts are the caps and bold sentence and half sentence. Your writing is entertaining and witty. 🙂 I also enjoy your use of the word “electrifying” and the shout out to your Mom.

    I do have one question: How do you decide who to recommend your books to?

    • Fred Reads

      Thats kind of a hard question to answer. I geuss I just pick the youngest age I would have read it at and just add a year. (I was and am a pretty advanced reader.) I also keep in touch with what kids older than me are reading. (Bring that last sentence into play again.)

      • That seems like a reasonable system. I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately. When I try to recommend ages, I usually think of my own reaction, what I htink yours might be and other young people I know, and if I were to use the book in a classroom, what grade I would teach it to. That being said, I have no idea how my brain decided what grade a book is aoppropriate for. It is just a gut feeling that I go with. So I wonder, how do other teachers, librarians, parents, and other adults decide what is appropriate for children? In making these decisions, how much are we guiding children and how much are awe sensoring the “adult world” away from them? Its a tough topic.

  2. Oh! You might be interested in this:

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