Review: The Keepers: Book One – A Wizard Named Nell

Title:  The Keepers – book one:  A Wizard Named Nell

Author:  Jackie F. Koller

Cover Illustrator:  Debbie Sfetsios

Genre:  Fantasy

Publisher:  Aladdin Paperbacks

This book is a cross between two of the greatest fantasy series in history – Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings with its own twist. Janine Reads loaned this to me along with nine other great books that you will hear about in the weeks or even days to come. Anyways, back to the book.

This book is about a princess (don’t stop reading, my fellow boys) named Nell. She is the daughter of King Einar of Xandria. It takes place in a time called Eldearth. Wait, back up, I’m going to start from the very beginning. That’s where the story starts.

There was one two wizards named Galerinn and Graieconn. Galerinn was the ruler of Eldearth but his brother was jealous and wanted power. They had a big duel and Galerinn finally went to a last resort and turned into a bright scepter and eventually blinded his brother. Graieconn fled to the Darkearth and was never seen from again. That brings us to where we left off.

One day Nell overheard a conversation concerning her. She eventually found out that people thought that she might be the next Imperial Wizard. The Imperial Wizard is the one who guards the scepter that keeps Graieconn and his forces out of Eldearth. The wizard had been weakening and Graieconn’s forces had been growing stronger.

Nell finds a boy to take her place in witch academy in a disguise because she is going to take the quest to become the Imperial wizard’s apprentice in secrecy. The boy is named Owen. She successfully embarks on the expedition with her pet demidragon and through many exiting perils she manages to get to the palace of light and becomes the Imperial wizard’s apprentice.

I would recommend this book to anyone eight and older. This may be the beginning of one of the best fantasy series ever. I really think that this was an awesome book.


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One response to “Review: The Keepers: Book One – A Wizard Named Nell

  1. Fred, this is a very fun review. It is written just the way you might talk about this book. I really like the conversational tone of this, and the aside to your fellow male readers. 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed the book! I will keep an eye out for the second one!

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