Review- The Spiderwick Chronicles 4: The Ironwood Tree

 Title:  The Spiderwick Chronicles Book 4: The Ironwood Tree

Authors:  Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black

Publisher:  Simon & Schuster



The saga continues in my reading with The Spiderwick Chronicles 4: The Ironwood Tree. After my breif break from the series, there was a comfort in turning past those familiar opening pages: the letter from the Grace Children, the map of the Spiderwick Estate, the title of the first chapter which always beings with the words “In Which“. I felt warm fuzzy sensations as I read the first new words.

For any of you who remember my  post reviewing the first of the Spiderwick Chronicles a few months back, you know that it was Jared and his loveable siblings who drew me into the world of children’s fantasy. Just as curious and exciting as ever, the world of Jared and the gang has pulled me in yet again. They have reached new heights of adventure and of course danger in this, the penultimate book of the series. The trio has banded together like never before, eliciting a great suspicion from their mother. Rightfully so, as by the end of the book the trio (and me) were left wondering just how bad this world or mystical creatures can get. The dark and murderous Mulgarath has hold of the field guide and seems willing to do anything to gain power… This dark twist in the series is appropriate for readers aged 9-13.

What will the Grace Children do? Tell mom? Fight it alone? What good can come of a war between three children and the Mulgarath’s army of the goblins? What if they fail? I’m hoping a hero will appear in the next and final book of the Spiderwick series, The Wrath of the Mulgarath.


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3 responses to “Review- The Spiderwick Chronicles 4: The Ironwood Tree

  1. Fred Reads

    Awesome! I read this series when I was just six, but it certainly left a lasting impression on me, especially this one. This is probably the second best book in the series.

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