Review and Summary: Robinson Crusoe

Title:  Robinson Crusoe

Author:  Daniel Defoe

First Published:  1719 ad.

Genre:  Action/Fiction

This book is a very good classic. It took me a multitude of months to finish this book, but mostly because I didn’t read it very often. The unabridged copy of mine was three hundred and thirteen pages long. If you were to read a copy of it I would suggest getting one longer because if it is unabridged the print will be a bit larger (mine was unbelievably small) and therefore easier to read.

This is the story of a guy who is in a state of exasperation to set out for sea. He doesn’t really have a specified destination; he just thinks he will be in pristine serenity out in the ocean. He finally gets out and the ship sinks. Although he does not have much zeal, he manages to get on an island less than a mile away. He builds a very substantial home and plants crops and even raises a group of goats. He trains a parrot how to talk and, in general, lives a very good life. My favorite part is when he builds a huge boat to escape, but cannot get it off the beach. He learns how to kindle a fire and survive for twenty eight years. From the ship gets some shirts that were worn so much that they were translucent. He gets a servant and they make a boat out of a tree that has a circumference of six feet (his other one rotted). Their escape fails. But then, finally, a ship comes by and, after twenty eight years, carries him to his former adversary of land.

I thought this was a very good book. I would recommend it to anyone sixteen and up.

Posted By: Fred Reads

*My ten weekly spelling words are in this review. Can you guess what they are?



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2 responses to “Review and Summary: Robinson Crusoe

  1. Finally finished Crusoe, huh? Great work! What other classics are on your list for this school year?

    Spelling / vocab words… hmmm….


    Am I close?

    • Fred Reads

      My spelling words are… multitude, exasperation, pristine, serenity, zeal, circumference, translucent, adversary, kindle, and destination!!!!!! Really, really close!

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