Review: Anna Hibiscus

Title: Anna Hibiscus

Author: Antinuke

Illustrator: Lauren Tobia

Publisher: Kane/Miller Book Publishers



“Anna lives in Africa. Amazing Africa.”

So begins each chapter of Nigerian writer / storyteller’s Anna Hibiscus. Anna, however, is not who you think her to be. Daughter of an African father and Canadian mother, Anna Hibiscus is a realistic depiction of what many young African girls are: “both traditional and modern”.

Anna’s life has the pace of a typical modern child’s mixed with the warm experiences of a traditional African family. Though a country is never specified, this is an enlightening look into the life of a modern African girl. Anna has a lot of sweetness and just a little spunk; she’s a charming character who you will love to join. Anna’s story is broken into four episodic chapters, perfect for young readers beginning chapter books. In this first book of the Anna Hibiscus series, Antinuke has created a glipse of a world many Americans do not know of. This is a read not to be missed by readers aged 7-11.

Posted by: Janine Reads


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