Review: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Title: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Author: Lewis Carroll

First Published: 1865



It seems that everyone knows the story of sweet little Alice falling down the white rabbit’s hole into Wonderland. Many people today know this story from the Disney animated film, and I will admit I was one of them. It was not until now, at the age of 25 that I decided to read one of the most memorable tales of my childhood. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is the darker, more peculiar tale of sweet little Alice. Her dream of Wonderland takes us into the subconscious mind of Alice, who is less charming and more disturbed than the Alice I grew up with. Between speaking to herself and wandering around this new world, Alice finds many rather interesting characters: some odd, some  downright creepy. Told in a charming and classic English voice, this quick read full of thrills and chills, is recommended to classic and fantasy lovers aged 8+.

Posted by: Janine Reads


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