Summary & Review: Peak

Title:  Peak

Author:  Roland Smith

Publisher:  Harcourt Inc.

Genre: Fiction Novel


I really liked this book. It is about a fourteen year old kid named Peak who tries to summit the conspicuous form of Mount Everest. The main character is, of course, Peak. Peak is a kid whose family is really weird. He lives with his mom, Rolf (his stepfather), and his six-year-old twin step sisters, Paula and Patrice. His mom and dad were both legendary climbers until his mom had an accident and broke her back. His real dad, Joshua Wood, is still a record-breaking climber. One day, Peak gets into serious trouble but just in the nick of time his father saves him and whisks him away to China.

Before they make the attempt he meets the versatile Zopa, a monk that seems to have the foresight of everything ahead, two obscure Sherpas, Yogi and Yash, and a good friend, Sun-jo, a climber the same age as Peak. Peak has an aptitude for climbing and they all get to base camp easily. A dismal flu goes around the mountain but most people recuperate. They encounter many challenges, physical and emotional on this giant mountain covered in malleable snow and rock hard ice. But somehow they find illuminations in each seemingly bottomless pit of doom and keep on going. The bond between father and son grows very, very thin and the entire expedition threatens to collapse as fellow climbers and the Chinese Government grow suspicious. But in the end everyone is satisfied and all turns out well.

I thought this was an excellent specimen of realistic fiction. This could definitely happen. I would recommend this book to anyone ages ten and up.


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3 responses to “Summary & Review: Peak

  1. Hey Fred, Thanks for the review. I will have to recommend this book to some of my students.

    Lately, you have been using the sentences “I (really) liked this book” or “This was a (really) good book” to begin or end your reviews. Try writing one without explictly saying that. Let your other descriptive sentences tell the reader whether you liked the book or not.

    For instance, in this review you wrote, “I thought this was an excellent specimen of realistic fiction” which is a little like saying it was good, but in a more interesting way. Keep working on that!


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