Review: The Berlin Boxing Club

Title: The Berlin Boxing ClubThe-Berlin-Boxing-Club

Publisher:  HarperTeen a division of  HarperCollins, 2011

Author:  Robert Sharenow

Genre:  Historical Fiction

I know what you’re thinking, “What?! You already posted on this book!” You are correct. After reading the character sketch and review that Fred Reads posted about The Berlin Boxing Club I was inspired to do something never before attempted here on crosscountryreading: take the recommendation and read the book myself!

Robert Sharenow has created a thought-provoking look at the rise of Nazi Germany in The Berlin Boxing Club, an inspiring story told through the eyes of a teenage boy named Karl. Karl, who is culturally but not religiously jewish, watched his world crumble around him. He finds solace in boxing. When all hell breaks loose in his world his family lost their home, he was kicked out of school, and the rise of Nazi Germany has left Germany dangerous for his family. Karl finds himself not a boy, but the man of his family. The slow character development of Karl and his little sister Hildy is subtle yet powerful and beautifully written.  I found myself so connected to Karl that when the sad and hopeful ending was closing in, I was left with tears in my eyes. If it were appropriate to applaud at the end of a book, I would have. Bravo Robert Sharenow.

Sharenow provides a different take on the oppression of Jews in Nazi Germany. It proved to be a work of masterful writing, has stolen my heart and my mind for weeks. This stunning look at  the rise of Nazi Germany is recommended for all readers 13+.

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One response to “Review: The Berlin Boxing Club

  1. Fred Reads

    Cool. I think this really captures the style of writing and personality of the characters. If I hadn’t already read it, I probably would want to read it after reading your review.

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