Review: Call of the Wild

Title:  Call of the Wild

Author:  Jack London

First Published:  1903

Genre:  Animal Fiction/Classics

A few days ago I finished reading what is by most people considered to be the greatest animal story of all time. I have to say I am impressed. This story juts out like a precipice in my mind. It is unlike any story I have ever read. Many people would scurry away from a classic book, and I completely understand that. But this story has quite basic vocabulary for a book that was written a hundred years ago and is very engrossing.

The story is about a monotonous half-husky half-wolf named Buck that lacks zeal in his home of comfort. One day, he is whisked away to the Klondike wilderness of Alaska by men brandishing whips and clubs. He is put in a team of sled dogs and learns to hasten at pulling the sled. In this completely new environment he fights for food in a team of three humans that do not have enough supplies and one day fights to the death with his arch nemesis in the pack, Spitz. Of course, he doesn’t die, otherwise that would be a really lame ending to the story. After a long time switching owners and eventually working his way to the head of the pack he is saved from death by John Thorton, the first man that really cared for him. After a few days with his master who does not make him pull a heavy sled all day, to be terse, a bond is formed between man and husky. Buck pulls off several awe-aspiring miracles that save the life of John Thorton. He is more strong, smart, and clever than ever. Until one day a horrific incident happens.

The entire style of how the book is written is amazing. This was one of the books on my list to read for school. Another book that Jack London has written is White Fang, which is also on my list. I haven’t read it, but from what I’ve heard, it’s basically the opposite of Call of the Wild where a wolf/dog is brought from the wilderness to live with man. I would recommend this book to anyone thirteen and up.


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4 responses to “Review: Call of the Wild

  1. Fred,

    This is a mighty fine review. Bravo.

    This sentence made me smile. “This story juts out like a precipice in my mind.” I enjoy your writing very much, Fred.

    I LOVED how you ended your synopsis. “Until one day a horrific incident happens.” That really makes me want to read the book to find out what happens. Terrific work.



  3. Fred Reads

    Thanks. Here you go:

    1. Brandish
    2. Deft
    3. Engross (or engrossing)
    4. Hasten
    5. Jut
    6. Monotonous
    7. Precipice
    8. Scurry
    9. Terse
    10. Zeal

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