Re-Review and Reply: Tasting the Sky (Posted earlier by Janine Reads)

Title:  Tasting the SkyTasting the Sky

Author:  Ibtisam Barakat

Publisher:  Melanie Kroupa Books, 2007

Genre:  Autobiography

As with Janine Reads’s post of The Berlin Boxing Club, you may remember the review of Tasting the Sky (posted in July, 2012). Well, I’ve decided to do the same thing as Janine Reads and post the book again, except in a different form.

First of all, I agree with Janine Reads when she said that she would recommend the book to ages twelve and up because there is some minor violence in it, which is all fine and well in an autobiography as long as it’s true and it isn’t marketed to a younger audience. I did not understand the first part of the book be cause it starts about thirteen years before the second part where the book really starts telling a story. Nor did I understand the third and last part of the story because it didn’t totally make sense. I don’t know why it stops there because it stops in a pretty random-looking spot in the story and I would have liked to know what happened afterward. Did she get a new goat? Was her new home safe? Where did her siblings go? These are questions that might have been answered if the story kept on going. These are all my real criticisms.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a really good book, but I thought it would have been better if, well, none of the things that you just read were true. My favorite part was how Alef, the first letter in her twenty-eight letter alphabet, became part of her life, how she, like Janine Reads stated, claims that he served her well during the war. A part that she did not give the details about and that I think I’m grateful she didn’t was her brothers’ circumcision. I was slightly disturbed when she said the slightest detail of it. This is another reason why twelve is a good recommended age.

This was a very sad story. In fact, I almost felt my eyes begin to slightly let go the tiniest subatomic molecule of moisture. A book of political and other issues of the Palestinian war, I thought that the book was surprisingly detailed through the memories of an adult person tracing her life all the way back until she was three and a half years old. This is definitely the best autobiography I have ever read.


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2 responses to “Re-Review and Reply: Tasting the Sky (Posted earlier by Janine Reads)

  1. Hey Fred,

    I am glad you found this to be an interesting read. Thanks for your review. Have you read anything else that focuses on Palestine?

  2. Fred Reads

    Not really.

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