Review and Summary: The Boy at the End of the World

The-Boy-at-the-end-of-the-WorldTitle:  The Boy at the End of the World

Author:  Greg Van Eekhout

Publisher:  Bloomsbury Press

Genre:  Science Fiction

            This book takes place after the human race has gone extinct. Thousands of years after, in fact. It is about a boy named Fisher, who is the last human on Earth. Or so it appears. He was born in a pod of bubbling gel. He soon finds a broken robot that he names Click and learns how to hunt and survive the post apocalyptic environment. He sets out on a journey to find more humans that might have survived in different pods after learning what happened to his Ark (the place where he was born, a sort of preservation center for living things). It’s no easy task. Animals have evolved in some strange ways and things left by humans are threatening Fisher’s existence. He is an animal, but he’s not the stronger one. He encounters many raids from both living and non-living organisms. But nonetheless, he learns how to survive. He learns how to bend wood and set traps just as our ancestors did. In short, he’s basically a caveman, just with the times mixed up. He meets a baby pygmy mammoth that isn’t very baby-like at all. After several months he makes a living friend and names him Protein. He even risks his life for the mammoth, who in turn trusts Fisher and helps him on his journey. They discover “gadgets” that fly around and, to be terse, try to kill them for reasons unknown to the companions. They meet many old defense systems gone haywire, but finally manage to get a lead on a place that might harbor living humans. They meet a race of strange creatures that reluctantly help them. It comes to an ending that no one could expect.

This is an amazing action paced, suspenseful, humorous, and highly ironic story. It has a hidden meaning too – it has the consequences of humans destroying the environment. Greg Van Eekhout has also written Kid V.S. Squid, where a bored kid gets caught in a quest to save Atlantis which I have not read yet and Norse Code an adult fantasy novel. Today’s unfortunately biased culture would probably call this a “boy book”, and the main character is a boy, but the ending opens a door for a sequel where the main character is a girl. I think that both boys and girls would enjoy this book, though. I would recommend this book to kids ages 13 to 18.


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3 responses to “Review and Summary: The Boy at the End of the World

  1. Thanks for the review Fred! Your bit at the end about boy books and girl books got me thinking. You mentioned that the main character is a boy, are there any other things about the book that would make boys want to read it more than girls?

    Sorry I have been MIA on the blog for a while. Life just got crazy! In addition to running the blog, I am now teaching full time and working for two different theatre companies. I have been reading, however, and have three books that I have read recently that I will be reviewing shortly.

    I miss you!

  2. Fred Reads

    Wow. I wouldn’t get within ten kilometers of that much work. That’s crazy.

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