Review: The Kane Chronicles, book 1 – The Red Pyramid

Red PyramidTitle:  The Red Pyramid

Series:  The Kane Chronicles

Author:  Rick Riordan

Publisher:  Disney Hyperion

Genre:  Fantasy

This, hands down is the best book I have read in all the 5 ½ years since reading the Potter books. This is almost better than any one book in the Harry Potter series, in my opinion. (But all of the Potter books beat this one together.) That’s really saying something. In fact, I’m already done with the second book, they’re so darn awesome. Rick Riordan is an incredibly famous author in the world of fantasy. He has written three fantasy series – Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Kane Chronicles, and The Heroes of Olympus. The Percy Jackson’s are about Greek Gods, the Kane Chronicles about Egyptian Gods, and the Heroes of Olympus about Roman Gods.  He’s so quickly climbing up the ranks, in fact, that I predict in a few books’ time, he’ll be right below Rowling and Tolkien. Yes, the Joanne Katherine Rowling and the John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.

This book is set up in a slightly curious way. There are two main characters – Sadie and Carter. They are siblings, but they only see each other twice a year. They both slightly dislike each other and both have unusual lives, because of the death of their mother. Carter is home schooled by his dad, who is an Egyptian archeologist and travels around the world. Carter’s home is a suitcase, and he is only seldom reminded of what an unusual life he has when he visits his little sister.

Sadie is a rebellious, spunky, and otherwise normal twelve-year-old – the last person on earth you would expect to have a British accent. (She has one). She lives in London with her grandparents and lives basically a life opposite to Carter’s. She goes to public school, stays in London, has a grandpa that watches rugby all day, and has a grandma whose cooking will send you to the grave. Oh, and did I mention that they look nothing alike? Carter has dark skin (from his dad) and Sadie has fair skin (from her mom) and both look so different that when they’re together in public people don’t even think they’re related.

But both siblings have things in common. They both think the other has a better life and make plenty of wisecracks when they tell the story. They tell the story on a recording device (while fighting over the microphone) and take (slightly unwilling) turns. Oh my, I’m done with a page and I still haven’t gotten to what the story’s actually about. Hmmmmmmm. This is going to longer than I thought.

The story is about how Sadie and Carter discover their powers and have to save the world from certain doom from a certain god of chaos while being chased by a certain group of all-powerful magicians. IT’S THE ULTIMATE THREE-WAY BATTLE!!!!!!!!!! Oh, they also discover that a god is living inside one another. Isis is using Sadie as a host, and Horus is using Carter as a host. The gods give Carter and Sadie even more powers than they would normally have. Suddenly Sadie realizes she can open portals and make military-grade explosions with a simple Ha-di. Carter finds out he can wield weapons like he’s been doing it for decades and can open lockers in the duat, a kind of different dimension. Oh, and Sadie’s cat, muffin, is a little more than they expected. Then they get all settled in their newly found Uncle Amos’s mansion when all of a sudden – BOOM!!! They get trapped in a quest to save the world, their father, and everything else. Can they defeat Set, the god of chaos? Will they find their dad? Just what kind of powers do Sadie and Carter have? Will Carter finally get a girl friend? All of these questions are answered in The Red Pyramid.

I think this book had absolutely everything in it – peril, mystery, action, anger, sadness, fear, discovery, humor, and so much more. This is an impeccable work of art by the author Rick Riordan. With two perspectives, it really doesn’t get much better than this. I think that absolutely anyone who even slightly likes fantasy ages ten and up would love this.

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2 responses to “Review: The Kane Chronicles, book 1 – The Red Pyramid

  1. Thanks for the review, Fred. This book sounds AWESOME! I liked that you compared it to the Potter Series. Our regular readers should know by now that you are a Potter Fan and “almost as good as Potter” is a RAVE review coming from you. You’re really starting to develop a style of review that is unique to you as a reader. Its casual, conversational, funny, and uses lots of adjectives. My favorite line in this review is: “I think this book had absolutely everything in it – peril, mystery, action, anger, sadness, fear, discovery, humor, and so much more. This is an impeccable work of art by the author Rick Riordan.”

    Its on my reading list. Keep up the great work!

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