Reviewer Biography: Fred Reads

“Fred Reads” is a budding inventor who hopes to have a business someday selling his creations. His favorite activities are riding his skateboard, cooking, playing baseball, and taking gadgets apart. Even more than these four, Fred Reads LOVES to read.


This is what Fred Reads has to say about himself:

I am a sausage and bacon loving nerd who likes to ride his skateboard and eating naan. I’m not your average nerd, as you might have guessed, but I do still read my eyes out and speak the infamous language of nerds. I have done many weird things such as making a model of bacon out of Tootsie rolls, jumping approx. 78 feet into a raging river (ok, maybe I bended the truth just a little bit on that one), and eating a fuzzy white Ande’s Candies from the floor of an Olive Garden when I was four. I have two little brothers who really like sneaking into my room, eating sandwiches, and picking their noses. I am about 5 feet tall and enjoy playing basketball in my driveway. My current interests include playing guitar, hiking, inventing, texting my friends, and reading. My current un-interests include doing math, watching Sesame Street, doing art projects that require lots of glue, and taking the garbage out. I am currently waiting for a delivery of Chicago-style pizza with pepperoni on one half and garlic and basil on the other. I am homeschooled currently by my mom and dad and my favorite subject is either arts (guitar) or reading. I don’t really have any nicknames, although I’m trying to get one to catch on amongst my friends. I am now finishing my paragraph. Fred Reads out.


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