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Review: A Land More Kind Than Home

CashTitle:  A Land More Kind Than Home

Author:  Wiley Cash

Publisher:  William Morrow, HarperCollins, 2012

I took a deep breath while sitting in my apartment living room on the north end of Seattle. I could feel the thick humid air, smell the tobacco fields, and hear the cicadas singing in the summer heat. Never mind that it is autumn and I live in a breezy, sea-salty corner of the Pacific Northwest. Wiley Cash has transported me to the rural south, in his first novel, A Land More Kind Than Home.

With each chapter the readers hears from one of three voices – all characters who reside in a small town in North Carolina, each with their own version of the slow, soft southern drawl. Cash is a native of Western North Carolina, which strongly resonates in his work. The story Cash has woven  with these full southern characters is dark, and slightly haunting. Centered around faith in god and the possibility of miracles, this book aptly explores love, faith, and redemption in a way no other story which I have read has before. I recommend this beautifully written novel to all readers aged 13 and up.

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